Doc Manager
Connect to Mac or PC using local Wi-Fi and Ad- Hoc Networks.
Copy multiple files and folders from computer
Tap on Wi-Fi icon to show the IP address of your device.
"Connected" status shown in green when connected to computer.
FileTransfer File Transfer
Transfer Files between iPhone and computer is made easy. You can copy with ad-hoc and Wi-Fi Network. Drag and Drop files and folders from your computer to iPhone. Status of available Wi-Fi shown.

Shows Connection Status

This app shows "Wi-Fi Network Unavailable", "Wi-Fi Network Available" or "Connected" status. Tap on Wi-Fi icon to find the IP Address of your device, when "Wi-Fi Network Available". Use this IP Address to connect to iPhone from Mac or Windows. The status changes from "Wi-Fi Network Available" to "Connected." if connection established.

Securely Transfer Files

You can enable user authentication. Then, only with username and password can connect to iPhone or iPod Touch from computer. Copy files and folders from familiar user friendly environment.

File Transfer 2


E-mail the document while viewing.
Tap arrows for page up and down.
Bookmark any location of the file.
Tap to reveal controls.
View wide variety of document types on your iPhone with File Manager that include PDF, Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Apple iWork.

Using the Viewer

The document viewer of File Manager allows you to display many types of files.  Tap anywhere on the screen to see controls and file name of document displaying. Tap on down arrow moves the document to next page and tapping on up arrow moves it to previous page. Press e-mail icon to e-mail the document viewing without living the viewer. You can bookmark any position of the document.

Multiple files and folders copy, move, delete and delete.
Single file or folder copy, move, delete and e-mail
Managefile2 Manage Files
With simple swipe, you can e-mail, copy, rename, delete or move single file. In Edit mode, multiple files can be e-mailed, copied, moved, and deleted.  New Folder can be created from edit mode.

File Operation on Multiple Files

File Manager provides number of file operations that can be performed on multiple files that include:

  • Copy many files or directories.
  • Move various files or directories.
  • Delete choices of files or directories.
  • Create new Folder
  • E-mail multiple files or directories as attachments.



Swipe or Tap for Single File Operation


Tap or swipe on any place on the cell except disclosure button, “File Action Menu” pop-up for your action on the file or directory.  You can E-mail, Copy, Rename, Move, and Delete from here.  If you want to cancel this action, press “Cancel” button or tap anywhere on the screen except “File Action Menu.”

Add Bookmarks and manage bookmarks.
Edit bookmarks and access them.
Bookmark 2Bookmarks
Files and Folders can be Bookmarked. While viewing document, you can Bookmark file and any location of the File. Modify and Manage the Bookmarks.

Using Bookmarks

Tap Bookmark  icon of File Manager you can access these functions:

  • Go to Bookmarked file or directory location
  • Go to Bookmarked viewing file
  • Add Bookmark to file or directory location
  • Add Bookmark to viewing file
  • Delete Bookmark


Add Bookmark

From Bookmark view, tap on “Add” button to bookmark file or directory location you are currently in.  If you are viewing the file, taping on bookmark icon also bring you to “Add Bookmark” view below to bookmark the viewing file.  Enter the bookmark name you want in the text field and tap “Save” to create the bookmark.

Search for file and Folder.
Search Results.
Search 2 Search
Search for Files and Folders in the present Directory. File operations (copy, move, delete,e-mail) can be performed in the search result view.


Reveal search bar by scrolling file browser view down. Enter the search text in the search field the file browser displays the matched file names based on an entered search pattern.



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