Print Easy

Photo Printing You can print photos from the Photo Albums of your mobile device. If your mobile device has a built-in camera you can also take a photo and print instantly.

Print Existing Photos

Take new photo and print

Web Pages Printing

You can print web pages and bookmarked web sites from Print Easy.


Clipboard Printing You can print text, web pages and web links from any app by copying to the clipboard.

Transfer Files Using USB You can transfer files between your mobile device (iPhone or iPod touch) and your computer (Mac, Windows 7 or Vista) by connecting them via USB port. To use this feature you need: iOS Version 4.0 or grater and iTunes version 9.2 or grater.

Transfer Files using Wi-Fi You need to connect your iPad to your computer (Mac, Windows 7 or Vista) to transfer files.

For specific instructions to connect to your computer operating system go to:

After you are connected, you can use the computer to transfer documents and image files between the computer and your mobile device.

Connecting From Mac OS X

  • Start the Print Easy Application on your iPad and tap on Document icon to open document view.
  • On your Mac computer, start Finder.
  • From the Go menu of Finder select Connect to Server (or hold the Command key and press K.)
  • In Server Address field, enter the iPad’s IP address (URL). To find the IP Address, tap on Wi-Fi icon in Document View of the Print Easy.
  • ::connectServer.png
  • Click Connect.
  • Finder will mount the Print Easy volume after it’s connected. It will show up in the Shared section.
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